Carlingford Court Shopping Centre
3rd Floor ~ Community room

Corner Carlingford Road and
Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford

Best entry is at rear of centre on
Rembrandt Street.

Park under the building and take
Centre bank of lifts to 3rd floor.

Note: lifts on the side of the car park
only go to the 1st floor.

For more information

Contact Mrs Dianna Hammond

Your Host:  
Mrs Dianna Hammond
Epping Local NSW Community Woman of the Year 2014

Dianna took over the managmentof the Clubs after an amazing 13 year engagement for Louise Smithers.

Dianna has a background in professional singing, television and event management.
She loves the two Clubs and its members and tries to "keep track" and ensure all are well looked after and cared for.

"These lovely folks have reached an age where they know what matters in life and what doesn't. I look forward to spending time with them every week,
miss them when they are away and feel blessed that I have an opportunity
at this time of my life to put into play all the careers I have had
 and use all those skills in one place!"

We have a lot of fun each week, we usually do at least one bus trip and one special lunch or morning tea per term.

For more information about Dianna, see

The Clubs started about 38 years ago.​
First Co-Ordinator was
Jenny Cameron